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Solace Chrome by quicksilver20 Solace Chrome by quicksilver20
Used the same shiny surfaces I used to make my icons to create a shiny chrome like Goolge Chrome theme.

To apply: If you download this file, it should apply to your chrome automatically.

This is a new feature that Deviant Art has allowed crx files to be downloaded directly.

Update, 9/8/12:
Updated my Solace theme from XP to Windows 7, giving you the Aero transparent frame with my own original toolbar, and a Tron background. Enjoy
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v2evo Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
i love the shiny black but my photo viewer dosnt support the format.can i do somthing about that or am i s.o.l ?
quicksilver20 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
The download on this page is a .crx file that lets you apply the theme to your Chrome internet browser, not an image file. If you just want a picture of what the theme looks like, follow the link to 'the browser's full look' and click the download button there. I'm not aware of any system that is unable to view jpg files, but if you're still having problems let me know.

If you just want a copy of the logo I made for the browser (the image on this page) and your computer cannot view .png files then you can find the jpg version of that image here [link]
v2evo Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
Im trying to put it on my chrome browser but when i click on the download button it just says my photo viewer dosnt support this file and dosnt do anything. somethings download fine but i get that message with some and cant figure out what to do to fix it. I dont know anything about computers so i dont know where to start.thanks for your time its a cool theme anyway
quicksilver20 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
Your photo viewer should have nothing to do with it.

1 Right click on the download button

2 Select "save link as"

3 save the .zip file to your desktop

4 open the .zip file (if you're running windows XP or MAC you may need to install an unzipper, I use WINRAR)

5 Don't try to open the .crx file, just drag theme(1).crx from the zip folder onto your desktop

6 drag theme(1).crx from your desktop to your open chrome browser.

7 It should ask you if you want to apply the new theme, click the accept button that appears at the bottom of the browser

8 wait about 15 seconds or less.
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March 12, 2011
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